October 18, 2022 Regular Meeting Minutes

Stanwood-Camano School District #401
Administration & Resource Center Boardroom
26920 Pioneer Hwy, Stanwood, Washington 98292

October 18, 2022 - 6:00 PM


At 6:00 p.m. Vice President Miranda Evans called the meeting to order and announced public comment opportunities on the agenda.

Board of Directors Present: Al Schreiber, Ken Christoferson, Miranda Evans
Board of Directors Absent: Charlotte Murry (Excused) and Natalie Hagglund (Excused)

Vice President Evans led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Director Ken Christoferson moved to approve the Agenda for the October 18, 2022 Regular Board Meeting; seconded by Director Al Schreiber

Aye: Directors Al Schreiber, Ken Christoferson, Miranda Evans

Passed - Unanimously

September 27, 2022 Study Session Minutes
Director Al Schreiber moved to approve the Minutes for the September 27, 2022 Study Session; seconded by Director Ken Christoferson.

Aye: Directors Al Schreiber, Ken Christoferson, Miranda Evans

Passed - Unanimously

October 4, 2022 Regular Meeting Minutes
Director Ken Christoferson moved to approve the Minutes for the October 4, 2022 Regular Board Meeting; seconded by Director Miranda Evans.

Aye: Directors Ken Christoferson and Miranda Evans

Abstain: Director Al Schreiber


Shining Star
- Student Henry Hannawalt, Stanwood High School
Principal Christine Del Pozo reviewed Stanwood High School's criteria for selecting a Shining Star and highlighted the attributes for which student Henry Hannawalt was selected. The Board congratulated Henry and presented a certificate; a gift from program sponsor Heritage Bank was presented and photos were taken. All congratulated Henry.

AESD (Association of Educational Service Districts) Accreditation Plaque - presented to Stanwood High School by Northwest Educational Service District 189 Superintendent Dr. Larry Francois and Board Member Oscar Escalante

NWESD 189 Superintendent Larry Francois summarized the history and development of the Accreditation process as a voluntary quality assurance review used in education to ensure schools, postsecondary institutions, and other education providers meet and maintain a standard of quality and integrity in academics, administration and related services. Principal Del Pozo received the accreditation plaque on behalf of Stanwood High School for earning the Washington Association of Education Service Districts' accreditation. The accreditation is valid for six years.


1. Donations
Student advisors Hunter Sparrow and Jason Orzel presented the donations.

2. Stanwood High School, School Improvement and Action Planning Update - Christine Del Pozo highlighted year-end 2024-25 achievements for Stanwood High School's School Improvement Plan (SIP) in Math and Literacy; she walked the board through Annual Action Plan goals and strategies in support of reaching those achievements.

3. Equity Update - Ben Gauyan
Dr. Ben Gauyan, Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning, reviewed last year's equity work and highlights for 2022-23, including continued equity training for staff provided by Priceless PUSH, team meetings, and support for the School Improvement Plans, Annual Action Plans, and curriculum adoption.

4. School Improvement Plans - Deborah Rumbaugh
Superintendent Rumbaugh noted School Improvement Plans are on the Consent Agenda for Board action; she acknowledged and thanked building leadership teams and staff for their work on developing these plans.


Vice President Evans offered board members and the public an opportunity to speak to any items on the Consent Agenda. Director Evans pulled item #7, contract approval with Character Strong, to receive more information. Director Al Schreiber moved to approve Consent items 1 through 6 and 8 through 11; seconded by Director Ken Christoferson.

Aye: Directors Al Schreiber, Ken Christoferson, Miranda Evans

Passed - Unanimously

  1. Approve the Donations.

  2. Approve the Second Reading of Revised Policy 4215 Use of Tobacco, Nicotine Products, and Delivery Devices.

  3. Approve the Second Reading of Revised Policy 5201 Drug Free Schools, Community, and Workplace.

  4. Approve the Second Reading of Revised Policy 6250 Cellular Devices (formerly Cellular Telephones).

  5. Approve Stanwood High School Field Trips as listed below.

    1. FFA Floriculture Judging and Leadership, November 4-5, 2022, Castle Rock, WA.
    2. FFA State Potato Judging Competition, November 15-16, 2022, Moses Lake, WA.
    3. FFA State Tractor Driving Competition, November 15-16, 2022, Moses Lake, WA.
  6. Approval School Improvement Plans as listed below.

    1. Cedarhome Elementary SIP AAP
    2. Elger Bay Elementary SIP AAP
    3. Stanwood Elementary SIP AAP
    4. Twin City Elementary SIP AAP
    5. Utsalady Elementary SIP AAP
    6. Port Susan Middle SIP AAP
    7. Stanwood Middle SIP AAP
    8. Lincoln Academy/Lincoln Hill High School SIP AAP
    9. Stanwood High School SIP AAP
    10. Saratoga School SIP AAP
  7. Approve the Contract Renewal with Character Strong for Schoolwide Social and Emotional Learning Professional Development and Curriculum.

  8. Approve the Stanwood-Camano School District 2022-2027 Facilities Master Plan.

  9. Approve the Copier Lease Agreement with Kelly Connect for a Toshiba Copier at Stanwood Elementary School.

  10. Approve the Personnel Consent Agenda dated October 18, 2022.

  11. Approve Bills and Payroll.

Superintendent Rumbaugh clarified Consent item #7 is a renewal of the contract with Character Strong to provide research-based social and emotional learning curriculum for Pre-K through 8. Dr. Rumbaugh provided detailed information on how the curriculum is used at the elementary and middle school levels. Director Evans asked if there has been positive feedback from staff and students to which Dr. Rumbaugh replied there has; she noted there is interest in continuing to utilize this curriculum and shared about staff attending a national Character Strong conference and training this past summer in Tacoma.


Citizens wishing to address the Board are asked to submit online requests using the PUBLIC COMMENT link or email [email protected] two hours prior to the board meeting start time. For those attending the meeting in person, request forms are available in the boardroom for submission prior to meeting start time. Citizens who wish to provide documents to board members will hand them with to the Recording Secretary for distribution after the meeting. The Board President will call upon individuals who have requested to speak during the Public Comment section of the agenda. Individuals will state their name for the record and will be allowed three minutes to speak.

There was no public comment.

There were no items for School Board discussion.

Hunter Sparrow reviewed the attached Stanwood High School Student Advisor Report.

Jason Orzel's report from Lincoln Hill High School included: Leadership students attended the Hope Against Hunger Fundraiser and thought it was amazing and would attend again if given the opportunity; the Fall Social is coming up on October 29 and the last social was very successful and a great opportunity for kids to connect with one another; leadership students will be attending an inter-school conference on November 16 at Kamiak High school where they hope to gain ideas and information from other schools; and Lincoln Hill has new lynx t-shirts which hasn't happened for a few years and they are excited about that.


Director Schreiber thanked the student advisors for their reports, adding he always looks forward to their updates; he congratulated Stanwood High School for their accreditation status and thanked staff for the work that went into that achievement; he congratulated Henry Hannawalt for his Shining Star recognition; he welcomed Director of Communications Evan Caldwell; and shared it is nice to see sports doing well.

Director Christoferson's comments included: Appreciation for the high school's accreditation status; acknowledgement for the work that went into creating the School Improvement Plans; and, sharing it is important to recognize the effort has gone into the their preparation. Director Christoferson reflected on the plan's importance as a roadmap for where the district is going and how to get there; he expressed appreciation that the plan recognizes people are struggling to get back to normal and identifying that work will help the district, families and students to get there. He thanked everyone for their efforts and expressed gratitude for knowing there will be constant evaluation of the plan for any areas of improvement.

Superintendent Rumbaugh noted this Thursday is the Great Shakeout, October 20, at 10:20; she thanked Liz Jamieson for organizing participation at all schools. Dr. Rumbaugh shared about a recent opportunity to teach a class at Stanwood High School using tools from the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence in support of the implementation of social and emotional learning.

Director Evans shared she appreciates the format for this year's School Improvement Plans and thanked staff for the work that went into their development. Director Evans shared about her attendance at the recent Capital Facilities Advisory Committee (CFAC) meeting and thanked those who took the time to attend and encouraged others to join; she added it was a great start to the conversation. Director Evans extended her congratulations to Principal Del Pozo for the accreditation recognition and work that went into achieving it. Director Evans thanked everyone for attending and their patience as she facilitated the meeting.

Vice President Evans adjourned the meeting at 7:02 p.m.