School Board

School Boardroom

The Stanwood-Camano School District's Board of Directors consists of five citizens who reside within the School District. Board members are elected by voters to serve four-year terms on a staggered basis. Their authority is established by the Washington State Legislature (in Section 28A of the Revised Code of Washington), and they act under the direction and restrictions of state law. The School Board's legal responsibilities are to:

  • Establish general policy for the school system

  • Employ school personnel upon recommendation of the superintendent

  • Adopt the annual operating budget

  • Exercise the legislative powers conferred by the Legislature in overseeing school functions

  • Select the superintendent of schools

The board is the policy-making body for the district, while the superintendent is responsible for implementing those policies and plans. The board and superintendent have a mutually agreed upon Operating Protocol. (See organizational chart below.)

Individual board director's authority is limited to actions taken by the board as a whole when the board is legally in session. Board members do not assume the responsibilities of administrators or other employees.

Board directors are volunteers who invest time and considerable energy into assuring that schools are providing the best education for children. They appreciate community involvement and input regarding the operation of the district. The board can better represent the community when district residents, students, staff members, and parents take the time to express their opinions and raise questions.