Charging Guidelines

Food Service 2022-23 Charging and Monetary Balance Guidelines

Menu Price Breakfast Lunch
K-5th $1.50 $3.25
6th-12th $1.75 $3.50
Adult $3.00 $5.00
Reduced K-12 $0.00 $0.00

Milk (K-12) $0.50

Our practice is that no child goes hungry. These guidelines are in place at all schools in our district and we have procedures in place to ensure we are communicating with the parents and/or guardians on file regarding their lunch account. Parents and/or guardians are responsible to maintain their student's accounts throughout the entire school year. Family Access is the best method for this, as well as, a current email address and phone number. We use an automated system that notifies the parent and/or guardian via phone and email when your child's lunch account goes in the negative.

Elementary Students: Student accounts will be charged for meals if the student account is low on funds. Charges are for reimbursable meals only. No ala carte items are allowed to be charged, including milk.

Secondary Students: Student accounts will be charged for meals if, the student account is low on funds. Charges are for reimbursable meals only. No ala carte items are allowed to be charged, including milk.

Adults/Staff: The Washington Constitution prohibits state and local governments from giving or loaning public funds to individuals, companies, or associations. (Article VIII, sections 5 and 7). The district encourages staff to place funds on their account and/or pay with cash.


Low Balance: We encourage every family to set-up for Low Balance notifications through Family Access. To set up low balance notifications you can either utilize "A Guide to Food Service Family Access" that is available on the left-hand side of this webpage at the bottom or follow the following instructions: Log into Skyward/Family Access and select My Account at the top right corner of your Skyward/Family Access window. In the Account Settings view, at the very bottom, check the box next to Receive Emails when Food Service Balance is under $6.00 and then SAVE the settings. To stop receiving the low balance emails, simply uncheck the box and again SAVE the settings.

Negative Balance: Households are notified of any negative balances when a student's account reaches $-0.40, with an automated phone call and/or email. (Please note: the data used to generate these calls is from the end of the previous day and may not reflect payments made over the past 24 hours.) These messages are provided as a service to the family to ensure that negative charges do not accrue drastically before a parent/guardian is notified. Negative balances of -$10.00 or more will also be sent a letter to notify the parents and/or guardians of the outstanding debt. Please note unpaid charges will be carried over year to year from school to school in the district.

Seniors: Seniors must complete Senior Checkout and accounts must be in a positive status before graduation. Funds left on a Senior's food service account will be distributed to siblings, if applicable unless otherwise specified. Refunds available upon request.

Refunds: To request a refund please email Jennifer Dahl at [email protected]. Please note: the refund will be written to the primary guardian on file (the first name listed in Family Access), regardless of who made the payment to the account. Processing of refunds may take up to 10 days.

Questions: If you have any questions regarding these guidelines, please contact one of the following:

Don Vennetti
Food Service Director
[email protected]

Jennifer Dahl
Food Services Secretary
[email protected] or