June 6, 2023 Regular Meeting Minutes

Stanwood-Camano School District #401
Administration & Resource Center Boardroom
26920 Pioneer Hwy, Stanwood, Washington 98292

June 6, 2023 - 1:00 PM


Board President Miranda Evans called the meeting to order at 1:00 p.m.

Board Members Present: Al Schreiber, Charlotte Murry, Miranda Evans, Natalie Hagglund
Board Member(s) Absent: Debbie Bayes (Excused)

President Evans led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Director Murry moved to approve the agenda for the June 6, 2023 Regular Meeting; seconded by Director Schreiber.

Aye: Directors Al Schreiber, Charlotte Murry, Miranda Evans, Natalie Hagglund

Passed - Unanimously

May 16, 2023 Regular Meeting Minutes
Director Schreiber moved to approve the minutes for the May 16, 2023 Regular Meeting; seconded by Director Hagglund.

Aye: Directors Al Schreiber, Miranda Evans, Natalie Hagglund
Abstain: Director Charlotte Murry



  1. Donations: Deborah Rumbaugh
    Superintendent Rumbaugh presented the donations.

  2. June Enrollment Report: Deborah Rumbaugh
    Superintendent Rumbaugh presented June enrollment, noting the district is up 25.0 Full Time Equivalent (FTE) students over budget projection.

  3. Recognitions: Maurene Stanton
    Maurene Stanton, Human Resources Executive Director, presented the 2022-23 Employee of the Year awards to Rachel Soriano Sanchez (Classified) and Estevan Vivanco (Certificated). A recognition certificate, award, and sponsor gift from Heritage Bank were presented to Rachel and Estevan, and they were congratulated and applauded by all.

    Superintendent Rumbaugh introduced the newly hired Assistant Principal for Stanwood High School, Corie Gudgeon, effective July 1, 2023. Ms. Gudgeon was welcomed by all.

  4. April Financial Report: Ruth Floyd
    Ruth Floyd, Business Services Executive Director, presented the district's financial status for April 2023; she highlighted fund balances, budget status reports, and presented a food service program report.

  5. Career and Tech Ed Program Update: Ross Short
    Ross Short, Director of Career and Technical Education (CTE), presented a status report on the district's CTE program; he presented the program model, course offerings, enrollment status, data on student completion by course, and 2022-23 program accomplishments followed by 2023-24 program goals. Discussion followed.


President Evans offered anyone in attendance the opportunity to speak to items on the Consent agenda; she offered board members the opportunity to pull any items for discussion. There being none, Director Hagglund moved to approve Consent Agenda items 1 through 10; seconded by Director Murry.

Aye: Directors Al Schreiber, Charlotte Murry, Miranda Evans, Natalie Hagglund

Passed - Unanimously

  1. Approve the Donations

  2. Approve the Second Reading, Revised Policy 5521, Teacher Assistance Program - Washington State School Directors Association (WSSDA) recommendation of retirement of this policy

  3. Approve the Administrative Salary Schedules to reflect Implicit Price Deflator increase

  4. Approve the Superintendent Contract Renewal

  5. Approve the 2023-2024 Student Calendar which meets student instructional and staff training requirements set forth by the State of Washington

  6. Approve the Delegating Authority to the Washington Interscholastic Athletics Association (WIAA) Resolution 2022/2023-007

  7. Approve the School Resource Officer Contract between Snohomish County and the Stanwood-Camano School District

  8. Approve the Bank Change and Credit Card Limit Increase due to recent bank acquisition and an increase in student activities requiring use of a credit card

  9. Approve the contract for the purchase of Panorama Education for 2023-24

  10. Approve the Personnel Report for June 6, 2023   


Citizens wishing to address the Board are asked to submit online requests using the PUBLIC COMMENT link or email [email protected] two hours prior to the board meeting start time. For those attending the meeting in person, request forms are available in the boardroom for submission prior to meeting start time. Citizens who wish to provide documents to board members will hand them to the Recording Secretary for distribution after the meeting. The Board President will call upon individuals who have requested to speak during the Public Comment section of the agenda. Individuals will state their name for the record and will be allowed three minutes to speak.

There was no public comment.


1. First Reading, Policy 3515, Student Incentives
There were no questions. Policy 3515 moved forward for a second reading.

2. First Reading, Personnel Policy 5001, Hiring of Retired School Employees 
Board members asked for clarification regarding the re-hiring of retirees as it relates to their pension benefit. Maurene Stanton will provide clarifying information to the board and Policy 5001 will be on the June 20, 2023 agenda for further discussion.

3. First Reading, Personnel Policy 5161, Civility in the Workplace
There were no questions. Policy 5161 moved forward for a second reading.

4. First Reading, Policy 6111, Tuition 
There were no questions. Policy 6111 Tuition moved forward for a second reading.

5. First Reading, Policy 6114, Gifts or Donations
There were no questions. Policy 6114 moved forward for a second reading.

6. Board Goals Progress Check
President Evans facilitated board discussion regarding progress related to Goals for the 2022-23 school year. Short- and long-term goals, equity, and board participation components were reviewed and discussed in depth. The board concurred they are satisfied with the progress that has been achieved for 2022-23 and will continue to review and monitor board goals going into 2023-24.


Director Hagglund shared it was rewarding to attend Scholarship Night and see students receive scholarships, adding approximately $300,000 was awarded. Director Hagglund shared she enjoyed playing piano for Stanwood High School choir soloists and the Stanwood Middle School choir, and she looks forward to upcoming graduation events.

Director Schreiber’s comments included thanking those who were recognized tonight for donations; sharing he enjoyed attending recent band and choir concerts; noting a Celebration of Music (Zaid and Friends) will be held at Stanwood High School on June 16; expressing excitement for graduation events; and congratulating scholarship recipients and the Employees of the Year.

Director Murry shared she appreciates all of the celebrations taking place to honor students, adding it is good for the community to see what students are capable of; she shared she has completed her third equity training, Identity Discrimination, and found it to be interesting as it was a review of efforts to eliminate identity discrimination from a federal perspective of laws, rules, and judicial findings throughout US History. Directory Murry shared she is excited for graduation. 

Director Evans' comments included she also appreciates the opportunity to participate in the educational equity trainings; she is excited about all of the fun events that take place this time of year, including the middle school eighth grade promotion; and she commented it is nice to see traditional celebrations taking place again after a pause due to the pandemic.


At 2:20 p.m., President Evans announced the board would move into executive session to review the performance of a district employee until 3:20.

At 2:58 p.m., President Evans moved the board out of executive session and reconvened the meeting.

There being no further business, President Evans adjourned the meeting at 2:58 p.m.



Vice President





Deborah Rumbaugh, Ed.D.
Secretary to the Board