Chat with a School Board Member


The School board wants to hear from you!

The Board of Directors typically sets a variety of dates, times and locations to meet with constituents throughout the school year. Board members look forward to listening and learning about the communities' opinions, suggestions, and concerns. There is no agenda for these events; they are completely informal and anyone can attend.

In spring 2023, board members will hold chats at the following locations:

March 14: Directors Miranda Evans and Debbie Bayes at Port Susan Middle School
March 28: Director Natalie Hagglund at Stanwood High School
April 11: Director Al Schreiber at Lincoln Hill High School
May 2: DirectorCharlotte Murry at Stanwood Middle School

During the Chat withe the Board events in fall 2023, topics included curriculum, libraries, safety, early learning, language barriers, equity and more.