What is required to start and attend school?

Physician orders for medication, a school health care plan, medications, and supplies MUST BE IN PLACE at your student's school BEFORE YOUR STUDENT CAN START/ATTEND SCHOOL. Please get in your touch with your School Nurse as early as possible to ensure your student's safety. Nurse Directory

The School Nurse will create a School Health Plan specific for your student based on information you and your student's healthcare provider provide. This plan outlines what action staff must take to support your student's diabetes management. Staff that work with your student have access to your students School Health Plan (including substitutes).

Parents/Guardians must provide the School Nurse with:

  1. Meet with your school nurse and develop a School Health Plan prior to the start of school.

  2. RELEASE OF INFORMATION:Allows the School Nurse to communicate directly with your student's healthcare provider. please request from your nurse, different providers require different forms.

  3. ORDERS:Ask your student's endocrinologist to provide a Diabetes Care Plan for the school. It will have orders in it and needs to be signed by a Parent/Guardian. Even if your student is completely self-sufficient in their diabetic care, they still need orders at school.

  4. MEDICATIONS:Insulin & Glucagon


    • Low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) supplies (ie: glucose tablets, juice, carbohydrate/protein snack, etc.)

    • Insulin administration equipment (ie: pen, needles, alcohol wipes, pump, lancing device and lancets, test strips)

    • Glucometer with back-up batteries

    • Ketone strips

Some families plan for their student to carry their supplies and medications with them. If this is the case for your student, the School Nurse will check with them to make sure they have everything.

All Medications Must:

  • Be in their original pharmacy labeled container.
  • Match the order.
  • Not be expired.
  • We recommend having a "Three-Day Disaster Supply" of daily medications at school to be administered in case of lock-down. Please touch base with your School Nurse about overnight field trips / athletic trip