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Most district systems use Single-Sign-On and for your convenience we've noted them next to the link.  If you see SSO next to the link, use your computer login name and password to get in.


Here are the helpful links to services you commonly use! 

  Questions or issues contact Cindy Aristo @ x3509 or 360-629-1234

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Training Links

  • SafeSchools Training 
    • To be completed by December 31st, EVERY YEAR.
    • To access your assigned training, enter as your username your first name and last name with NO spaces.  Your name as it appears on your paycheck (EXAMPLE:  JOHNSMITH). 
    • Safeschools courses will be listed on your personal SafeSchools home page under "Mandatory Training."  Select a course by simply clicking on the course title.  The course has audio, so turn up your speakers if you wish to hear the narration.  
    • PLEASE NOTE:  Staff who attended the two hour training before the school year do NOT need to complete the following segments:
      • What Every Employee Must Be told
      • Bullying Recognition & Response
    • Questions or issues contact Roxanne Forslund @ x3520

Instructions to use Substitute Online for substitutes.  Substitute Online for Subs