May 3, 2016, Regular Board Meeting


Ken Christoferson called the meeting to order at 5:00 PM in the Administration & Resource Center Boardroom.

Board members in attendance were: Julie Dean, Natalie Hagglund, Roger Myers, Al Schreiber, and Ken Christoferson. Silver Merideth, Student Advisor was present and Riley Cunningham was absent.

Maurene Stanton, Executive Director of Human Resources, led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Julie Dean made a motion to approve the Agenda for the May 3, 2016, Regular Board Meeting. Roger Myers seconded the motion; it was voted on and approved unanimously.

Al Schreiber made a motion to approve the Minutes of the April 19, 2016, Regular Board Meeting. Natalie Hagglund seconded the motion; it was voted on and approved unanimously.

There were no comments.

Dr. Jean Shumate introduced the following reports:

Silver Merideth presented the following donations and recognitions:
1. Utsalady Booster Club provided transportation costs, $436.99, for Utsalady Elementary field trips for the kindergarten classes and reading group.
2. Stanwood Middle School PTO donated a single drinking water fountain/bottle filler and water filter, $1,227.16, to Stanwood Middle School.
3. Stanwood Booster Club, Sports Account, provided transportation costs, $1,389.55, to Stanwood High School for the boys swim team to practice at the YMCA in Marysville.

1. George Colby, Future Business Leaders of America Advisor, announced that 26 students competed at the 2016 FBLA State Competition and seven (7) students qualified for the FBLA National Competition in Atlanta, Georgia in June. The following students are eligible for the national competition.
1st Place – Sam Nicholas - Introduction to Information Technology
1st Place – Brooke VanSant, Marlin Jones – Global Business
2nd Place – Harrison Conner – Business Law
2nd Place – Hannah Grierson, Sam Nicholas, Caroline Rawls – Digital Video Production
2nd Place – Emily Moran – Speechification
3rd Place – Sam Nicholas, Hannah Grierson, Lucy Cunningham – Social Media Campaign
5th Place – Hannah Grierson – Speechification

2016 FBLA Regional Competition Results:

1st Place Awards -
Battle of the Chapters - Stanwood High School FBLA
Healthcare Administration - Brooke VanSant
Future Business Leader - Amber Boyd
Intro to Business Communications - Hannah Grierson
Social Media Campaign - Caroline Rawls/Lucy Cunningham/Hannah Grierson
Sales Presentation - Natalie Peterson
Intro to Business Presentation - Maddy Fay/Emily Cornell
Job Interview - Brooke VanSant

2nd Place Awards
Business Law - Harrison Conner
Computer Problem Solving - Sam Nicholas
Healthcare Administration - Ashley Peterson
Intro to Information Technology - Sam Nicholas
Intro to Parliamentary Procedures - Serah Comstock
Spreadsheet Applications - Emily Moran
Digital Video Presentation - Sam Nicholas/Hannah Grierson/Lucy Cunningham
Public Speaking I - Kaitlyn Reid

3rd Place Awards
Intro to Parliamentary Procedures - Collin Chung
Management Decision Making - Isaac Colby/Kyle Hanson/Ryan Redlinger

Hospitality Management - Trinity Hundley/Ashley Peterson
Public Speaking I - Collin Chung
Client Service - Riley Cunningham

4th Place Awards
Intro to Parliamentary Procedures - Collin Chung
Management Decision Making - Isaac Colby/Kyle Hanson/Ryan Redlinger
Hospitality Management - Trinity Hundley/Ashley Peterson
Public Speaking I - Collin Chung
Client Service - Riley Cunningham

5th Place Awards
FBLA Principles & Procedures - Trinity Hundley
Introduction to Business - Ella Conway
Securities & Investments - Harrison Conner
Word Processing - Cole Barrie
Entrepreneurship - Marko Jukanovich/Ella Conway
Client Service - Brooke VanSant

6th Place Awards
FBLA Principles & Procedures - Maddie Fay
Intro to Business Communication - Samantha Pierce
Personal Finance - Marina Hutchison
Public Speaking I - Emily Cornell
Public Speaking II - Shilah Stevens
Job Interview - Isabella Headrick

2. Matt Brennan, Sports Medicine Club Advisor, announced the results of the Sports Medicine Club's Washington Career and Technical Sports Medicine Association (WCTSMA) State Symposium and Competition, they are:

Rehabilitation of a Specific Injury: Lower Extremity category, poster presentation – Bailey Post, Ashley Bierer, Kaitlynn Wilson.

Outstanding Student Forum presentation – Liam Shelley, Carlie Roberts, Taylor Padgett, Ella Conway, Rylee Byrum

4th Place - Medical Terminology – Katy James
8th Place Medical Terminology – Camryn Cross
15th Place CPR Event – Megan Schakel

5th Place – Stanwood High School Team – Ciera Cline, Nick Tichota, Makena Storey, Whitney Smith, Amanda Givens, Izzy Newton, Camryn Cross, Katy James, Alexa Primovich, Ian Griffin, Megan Schakel, Lily Austin, Luba Klein, and Alexis Newsom.

The team also qualified for the AACI National High School Sports Medicine Competition in May.

3. Susan Britain, Stanwood High School Science Olympiad Team Advisor, announced the results from the Science Olympiad State Tournament, they are:
3rd Place – Robot Arm – Aelric Riggs, Brandon Hall
4th Place – Air Trajectory – Wade Grant, Ronnie Ripley
4th Place – Wright Stuff – Ronnie Ripley, Marrisa Givens
5th Place – Electric Vehicle – Brandon Hall, Wade Grant
5th Place – Fossils – Braeden Hood, Marrisa Givens

Gary Platt, Executive Director of Business Services, reported on the enrollment for the month of May. The actual enrollment was 4187.95 Full Time Equivalent (FTE). There was a decrease of 15 FTE for the month.

Julie Dean made a motion to approve Consent Agenda items 1-14, listed below. Al Schreiber seconded the motion; it was voted on and approved unanimously.

1. Donations.
2. Stanwood High School Student Field Trips, (a-b) as listed:
  a. FFA Natural Resources 2016 Washington State Envirothon Event May 18-19, 2016, Anatone, Washington, and
  b. Technology Student Association National Conference and Competition , June 27-July 3, 2016, Nashville, Tennessee.
3. First Reading of Student Policies , (a-e) as listed:
  a. 3126 Child Custody
  b. 3140 Release of Resident Students
  c. 3142 International Exchange Students
  d. 3231 Student Records
  e. 3240 Student Conduct
4. Second Reading/Adoption of Board of Director Policies , (a-e) as listed:
  a. 1310 Policy Adoption, Manuals and Administrative Procedures
  b. 1410 Executive or Closed Sessions,
  c. 1430 Audience Participation ,
  d. 1733 Board Member Compensation, and
  e. 1805 Open Government Trainings
5. Second Reading/Adoption of Revised Management Support Policies , (a-f) as listed :
  a. 6000 Program Planning, Budget Preparation, Adoption and Implementation,
  b. 6020 System of Funds and Accounts,
  c. 6100 Revenues From Local, State and Federal Sources,
  d. 6101 Federal Cash and Financial Management,
  e. 6112 Rental or Lease of District Real Property, and
  f. 6114 Gifts
6. First Reading of Revised Student Policy 3245 Isolation and Restraint of Students .
7. Revised District and School Improvement Plans.
8. Northwest Educational Service District 189 Science Materials Interlocal Cooperative Agreement, April 2016 through August 21, 2017.
9. 2016-17 Northwest Educational Service District 189 Legal Services Cooperative.
10. Educational Service District 112 Construction Services Group (CSG) Interlocal Agreement for Bond Communications Planning, Task Order #6.
11. Amendment to the Interagency Agreement with Washington State Department of Enterprise Services - Phase 5.
12. Resolution 2015/16-001 Delegating Authority to Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA) for the 2016-17 School Year.
13. Student Intern Agreement with Doane College.
14. Personnel Consent Agenda

Silver Merideth announced that Lincoln Hill High School recognized their teachers with a luncheon in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, Leadership students plan to help at Eats Café on May 5, and six students walked to Twin City Elementary for peer tutoring.

Julie Dean thanked Silver Merideth for reading all of the donations and recognition awards. She also thanked staff and community members who attended and asked questions at the community forum regarding the high school replacement.

Superintendent Jean Shumate announced that Teacher Appreciation Week was celebrated at all of the schools.

Ken Christoferson thanked our teachers for their contributions and dedication to their profession; all for the students' benefit.

Director Christoferson adjourned the regular meeting at 5:13 PM.



Vice President





Jean Shumate, Ed.D.
Secretary to the Board

Date of Approval