Snow/Alternate Bus Routes 2019-20


When inclement weather occurs, there may be times when our school buses would need to use alternate routes. Transportation's Snow/Alternate Bus Routes for 2019-20 are provided in the link below.  Also below is a link to Emergency and Weather Information.

PLEASE NOTE:  A two-hour late start plus snow routes means the bus will be two hours late from your bus SNOW route time.  For example, if your SNOW route bus arrival time is 7:55 AM; the bus will arrive at 9:55 AM when the message indicates a two-hour late start with snow routes.  This is different from your REGULAR route bus time when we do not have snow routes.  For instance, if your REGULAR route bus arrival time is 7:45 AM; the bus will arrive at 9:45 AM on a two-hour late start without snow routes.  

Contact the transportation department, 360-629-1229, if you have questions or concerns.

Mainland and Camano Island Snow Routes

Emergency and Weather Information