Bargaining Agreements

Stanwood-Camano Education Association (SCEA) Collective Bargaining Agreement
Stanwood-Camano CBA

Public School Employees of Stanwood-Camano (PSE) Collective Bargaining Agreement

Stanwood-Camano Building Principals Collective Bargaining Agreement
Principal Agreement

Salary Schedules

Stanwood-Camano Education Association (SCEA)

Public School Employees of Stanwood-Camano (PSE)

Administrative Employees


Other information 

  • Vector Solutions (formerly SafeSchools)
    Log on at To access your assigned training, enter as your username your first name and last name with NO spaces. Your name as it appears on your paycheck (EXAMPLE: JOHNSMITH). Vector Solutions courses will be listed on your personal Vector Solutions home page under "Mandatory Training." Select a course by simply clicking on the course title. The course has audio, so turn up your speakers if you wish to hear the narration.

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