April 15, 2014 Regular Board Meeting Minutes





President Ken Christoferson called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM in the Administration & Resource Center boardroom.


Board members in attendance were Julie Dean, Darlene Hartley, Roger Myers, Al Schreiber and Ken Christoferson. Student Advisors Ingrid Pelletier and Seth Brisendine were also in attendance.

Ken Sims, Stanwood High School Theatre Arts and English teacher, led the Pledge of Allegiance.


Julie Dean made a motion to approve the Agenda for the April 15, 2014, Regular Board Meeting. Roger Myers seconded the motion; it was voted on and approved unanimously.


Roger Myers made a motion to approve the Minutes of the April 1, 2014, Regular Board Meeting. Julie Dean seconded the motion; it was voted on and approved unanimously.


Ray Mathers, Stanwood High School woodshop teacher, presented the woodshop projects from his first and second year students that were entered in the Sedro Woolley Woodfest student competition.


Dr. Jean Shumate introduced the following reports:


Ingrid Pelletier and Seth Brisendine presented the donations, as follows: Boeing Employees Community Fund $350.00 to Elger Bay Elementary, Sahara Pizza $117.00 to Twin City Elementary, Irene Obrastaff $100.00 to Stanwood High School’s performing arts program, Schweitzer Engineering $100.00 to Stanwood Middle School, TKOEDucation Technology Solutions Spellbook Tablet ($326.00) to Utsalady Elementary, Joe Bolewicz -Stanwood Camano Physical Therapy donated $1,266.00 to the district’s Nutritional Snack Program and The Stillaguamish Tribe of Indians donated $16,800 to Lincoln Hill High School and Lincoln Academy to purchase tables, chairs and biology lab equipment.


Ingrid Pelletier and Seth Brisendine presented the recognitions, as follows: 

1.Ross Short, Stanwood High School Technology Student Association Advisor, announced that 22 students competed at the 31st Annual Washington TSA State Conference and two students were elected to serve as State Officers for the coming year: Jackson Campbell, President, and Colin Cuchna, Secretary. Competition results are:

  • Architectural Renovation (Team) 1st place Jared Holmgren, Nathan Holmgren
  • CNC Production (Team) 1st place Colin Cuchna, Brian Hewlett; 2nd place Jackson Campbell, Jared Holmgren; 4th place Carter Garcea, Brady Garcea
  • Computer-Aided Design 3D, Engineering (Individual) 3rd place Jared Holmgren
  • Dragster Design (Individual) 1st place Karsten Chaplik; 3rd place Gabriel Johnson
  • Engineering Design (Team) 4th place Aj Edmonds, Arson Houk, Riley Martin, Jordan Mc Inellay, Bryan Strachan
  • Manufacturing Prototype (Team) 1st place Carter Garcea, Nathan Holmgren, Gabriel Johnson, Bristan Kelley; 2nd place Drew Stang, Brady Garcea
  • Structural Engineering (Team) 2nd place Colin Cuchna, Riley Martin
  • Technology Problem Solving (Team) 3rd place Karsten Chaplik, Brady Garcea
  • Video Game Design (Team) 2nd place Jackson Campbell, Colin Cuchna, Karsten Chaplik, Brian Hewlett, Skout Roberson, Harrison Frazier
  • Woodworking Design (Small Project) (Individual) 2nd place Austin Esary.

2.Schack Art Center’s Education Director, Nancy Bell, notified Stanwood High School Principal Christine Gruver of the student awards received from the 2014 Black and White Photography Contest. The recipients are: (grades 9-10 category) 2nd place Clair Farnsworth, Title: “Childhood Memories,” (grades 9-10 category) 3rd place Alissa Zietz, Title: “American All Star,” (grades 11-12 category) Honorable Mention Renae Foules, Title: “Vessels.”

3.Washington Science Olympiad State Director, Sue Murphy, announced that 3 teams from Stanwood-Camano School District will advance to the State Science Olympiad Tournament, they are: Port Susan Middle School (Clarene Ricarte, Rebecca Klein, coaches), Stanwood Middle School (Kymberly Shoemaker, coach), and Stanwood High School (Susan Britain, Robin Ringland, coaches).

Joy Rusko, Secretary to the Superintendent, introduced the following awards:

  • Special Award: Molly, The Pet Therapy Dog was recognized for her contributions and making a difference in the lives of students and staff at Elger Bay Elementary. Linda Anderson, Elger Bay Elementary Positive Behavior Support Program teacher and owner of Molly, shared information about the program and Molly’s interaction with students. Leslie Whaley read the nomination she wrote and Molly received a special dog bowl, treats and toys from Tony Warner, Sterling Bank (soon to be Umpqua Bank) Manager and sponsor of the award.
  • Shining Star Award: Principal Dan Johnston and teacher Linda Keck recognized Bristol Bausch from Twin City Elementary. Don Johnston and teacher Meg Hozak recognized Victoria Ventura from Port Susan Middle School.
  • Classified Employee of the Month, March: Lynne Donovan, paraeducator at Cedarhome Elementary was recognized by Principal Jeff Lofgren, teachers Jane Lenz, Molly Crimin, and Shannon Hiegler.
  • Teacher of the Month, February: Erik Ronning, Stanwood High School vocal and guitar teacher, was recognized by Principal Christine Del Poza, who also read the nomination written by student Noelle Morgenstern, who was unable to attend the meeting.
  • Teacher of the Month, March: Ken Sims, theatre and English teacher, was recognized by Principal Christine Del Poza and teacher, Carrie James, who read her nomination.

Board members presented certificates of achievement, Dr. Shumate presented the framed pictures to be hung at their schools and sponsor Tony Warner, Sterling Bank Manager, presented gift certificates from Snow Goose Bookstore, Viking Video, and Stanwood Cinemas for the recipients.


Director Christoferson recessed the meeting at 7:55 p.m. to allow guests to leave. He resumed the meeting at 7:59 p.m.


Dr. Lloy Schaaf, Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning, introduced the Fine Arts Presentation. The following instructors presented a PowerPoint to highlight their schools’ fine arts programs:

  • Elementary music teachers Julie Dowhaniuk from Utsalady Elementary and Judy Robinson from Twin City Elementary said their students receive introduction to instruments, rhythm, and singing. They shared a video of students performing produced by Cedarhome Elementary music teacher, Rich Crouch.
  • Stanwood Middle School - Gaylynn Beuthien (Visual Arts) and Michelle Rockwood (Beginning, 7th Grade, and Advanced Band, Jazz Band, Choir), Charlene Franck (Visual Arts) and Port Susan Middle School - Jonathan Bletscher (Beginning and Concert Band, Jazz Club, Exploratory and Mixed Choir, and Drama).
  • Stanwood High School - Erik Ronning (Jazz, Chamber, and Women’s Choir and Guitar), Doug Morasch (Concert, Symphonic, and Jazz Band, Wind and Percussion Ensemble), Ken Sims (Technical Theatre, Beginning and Advanced Drama, Theatre Guild (club), and Gail Merrick (Graphic Arts, AP Studio Art).


Gary Platt, Executive Director of Business Services, gave the monthly enrollment report for April. There were 4,193.34 Full Time Equivalent students, which was 2.22 Full Time Equivalent above the projected budget.


Mr. Platt presented the March Financial Reports including the Executive Summary and the budget status reports for all funds. The school year is 58 percent complete.

Plans are moving forward to upgrade the high school stadium parking lot, improve the high school’s heating and ventilation system partially funded by the District’s $310,085 energy efficiency grant, plus approximately $78,000 in utility rebates. 


Roger Myers made a motion to approve consent agenda items 1-7, listed below. Al Schreiber seconded the motion; it was voted on and approved unanimously. 

  1. Donations.
  2. Stanwood High School Field Trips: (a) FFA Livestock and Meats Judging Team’s to FFA Competition, April 24-26, 2014, Lewiston, Idaho, (b) FFA Natural Resources Team to FFA State Livestock/Meats Career Development Event Contest, May 6-7, 2014, Spokane, Washington.
  3. Elger Bay Elementary 5th Grade Outdoor Education Field Trip to Camp Orkila, June 2-4, 2014, Orcas Island, Washington.
  4. 2014-15 Northwest Educational Service District Snohomish County Detention Center Education Program Interlocal Cooperative Agreement.
  5. Resolution 2013/14-005, Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction 2012 Jobs Now Act Energy Operational Cost Savings Grant.
  6. Personnel Consent Agenda
  7. Bills and Payroll.





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Transportation Vehicle




Ingrid Pelletier reported on Stanwood High School’s spring sporting events (track, tennis, and soccer), and the Senior Prom “Ocean’s 2014” Argosy Cruise May 3rd. The high school Science Team placed 5th at State Competition and the Sports Medicine Team will take 27 members to the State Competition.

Seth Brisendine announced the results of Lincoln Hill High School’s Associated Student Body elections and said that he was elected as president for next year. A draft of the Lincoln Hill Mural Project will be presented to the Stanwood City Council at an upcoming meeting.


Roger Myers said he enjoyed the Fine Arts Program presentation and praised the teachers for their dedication and for all the extra time given on behalf of the students. He also recognized Seth Brisendine for achieving the honor of Associated Student Body President and referenced Jackie Robinson who said that a person’s life is determined by the impact he/she has on others. (Jackie Robinson was the first black baseball player to play in the major leagues on this day, April 15, 1947.)

Ken Christoferson announced the Washington State School Directors’ Association (WSSDA) Regional Meeting would be held April 30 at Lake Stevens School District and the May 6th Regular Board Meeting would be held at 7:00 PM instead of 12:00 PM.


Ken Christoferson adjourned the Regular Meeting at 9:11 PM.

The Attendance Area Presentation began at 6:00 PM with Ken Christoferson, Julie Dean, Darlene Hartley, and Roger Myers in attendance. Al Schreiber was absent.

  • Dr. Shumate shared information about the Attendance Boundary Committee, timeline that was developed, a mission statement, and boundary adjustment philosophy and objectives were based on Board policy.

  • Mr. Platt reviewed enrollment trends for the past 7 years and enrollment projections for school year 2014-15. He explained the “dot” map, in which Stan Marriott, patron and committee member, volunteered his expertise using Geographic Information System (GIS) to develop boundary maps. The dots indicated the greatest concentration of students was near Cedarhome Elementary.

  • Dr. Shumate showed the two proposed boundary maps, orange and pink scenarios that were presented to the community, with Cedarhome Elementary being a walk-in school for each scenario. Various themes developed from community input and changes were made to those scenarios resulting in the proposed preliminary elementary and middle school attendance maps. The following impacts were noted:

    • Neighborhood groupings are maintained.

    • There are no program placement changes.

    • Grandfathering will be allowed for 5th graders at Twin City and Cedarhome Elementary in 2014-15 only, and 8th graders at Port Susan and Stanwood Middle Schools in 2014-15 only. Siblings are not grandfathered. Transportation will not be provided when grandfathering option is selected.

    • School attendance area waivers will be handled in accordance with school board policy and the law.

    • Transportation routes will be developed based on school board policy and state guidelines.

    • Transition activities will be planned once a final recommendation is approved by the school board.

    • School staffing and general expense allocations will be determined by the allocation formulas, which are based on projected student enrollment, that have been in use for several years. Impacts on the transportation budget are expected to be minimal and will be determined this summer when bus routes are revised.

  • Dr. Shumate said that Cedarhome Elementary was no longer a walk-in school only. Cedarhome Elementary attendance area will include areas north up to 300th and south to Highway 532 and east of Interstate-5.

  • Stanwood Elementary boundaries: south by Warm Beach remains the same and no change downtown. Up north, west of Interstate-5 would now attend Stanwood Elementary.

  • Twin City Elementary is one-mile safe walking and Sunday Lake area south of Highway 532 was added.

  • The attendance boundaries for the two island schools remained the same.

  • Middle school changes: due to the changes at the elementary level, about 33 middle school students may be impacted.

  • Lisa Orton, Transportation Director, said the new software program would be more efficient to determine safe routing of students.

  • Adjustments to staffing and kindergarten enrollment projections would be made after May 6th.

  • At this time, one portable classroom may be used at Cedarhome for 2014-15.

Ken Christoferson adjourned the study session at 6:44 PM.






Vice President









Jean Shumate, Ed.D.

Secretary to the Board