May 6, 2014, Regular Board Meeting Minutes





President Ken Christoferson called the meeting to order at 6:00 PM in the Administration & Resource Center boardroom for an Executive Session to review the performance of a staff member for approximately 15 minutes. The executive session ended at 6:19 PM.

Ken Christoferson adjourned the meeting for the Study Session at 6:20 PM.

Ken Christoferson reconvened the regular meeting at 7:04 PM.


Board members in attendance were Julie Dean, Darlene Hartley, Roger Myers, Al Schreiber and Ken Christoferson.

Roger Myers led the Pledge of Allegiance.


Roger Myers made a motion to approve the Agenda for the May 6, 2014, Regular Board Meeting. Al Schreiber seconded the motion; it was voted on and approved unanimously.


Al Schreiber made a motion to approve the Minutes of the April 15, 2014, Regular Board Meeting. Darlene Hartley seconded the motion; it was voted on and approved unanimously.


Ray Mather, Stanwood High School Woodshop Teacher, presented the students’ woodshop projects that were displayed in the boardroom. 


Dr. Jean Shumate introduced the following reports:


Julie Dean presented the donations, as follows: Bob Stanton, REMax Realty, $100.00 to Lincoln Hill High School/Lincoln Academy, Stanwood Elementary, $225.57 and $225.06, to transport students on educational field trips, Washington State Technology Student Association, $179.30, to transport the TSA Leadership Team to a conference, Utsalady Elementary Booster Club donated $292.00 for Mariner Baseball tickets for Utsalady families, $180.00 for admittance for kindergarten students to attend the Children’s Museum, and $148.14 to transport high school science students to Utsalady Elementary. Elger Bay Elementary received $500.00 from YMCA of Snohomish County from the Gear Up & Go Winter Games competition and Stanwood Booster Club provided transportation costs, $1,224.74, for the high school boys’ swim team to practices at the Marysville YMCA.


 Julie Dean presented the recognitions, as follows: 

  1.  Susan Britain, Stanwood High School Science Team Coach, announced the results from the State Science Olympiad Tournament held at Eastern Washington University on April 12th, as follows:

1st place: Experimental Design – Caitlin Lingrey, Brooke Leland, Braeden Hood

1st place: MagLev – Guilherme Magalhaes, Paul Mourges

2nd place: Technical Problem Solving - Jackson Cannon, Guilherme Magalhaes

2nd place: Mission Possible – Jonathan Evoy, Paul Mourges

2nd place: Dynamic Planet – Daniel Krantz, Caitlin Lingrey

2nd place: Boomilever – Henry Garman, Jonathan Evoy

3rd place: Elastic Launch Glider – Jonathan Evoy, Henry Garman

3rd place: Material Science – Jackson Cannon, Cameron Chollar

4th place: Circuit Lab - Guilherme Magalhaes, Paul Mourges

4th place: Rocks and Minerals – Braeden Hood, Aelric Riggs

  1. Gayle Richards, Donor Resources Representative at Puget Sound Blood Center, thanked Stanwood High School staff Christine Del Poza, Jill Knot, Renee Herigstad, George Colby and the Student Leadership Team for hosting a blood drive on April 15th. There were 74 volunteer blood donors and 60 pints of blood collected, which will benefit approximately 180 patients throughout Western Washington.


Superintendent Jean Shumate presented the proposed 2014-15 attendance area recommendation for approval by the Board. New attendance area maps were shown and changes to the in-town elementary schools and middle school boundaries were described. She said that there were no changes to school boundaries on Camano Island. The final recommendation includes the following implementation conditions:

  • Neighborhood groupings are maintained.
  • There are no program placement changes.
  • Grandfathering will be allowed for 5th graders at Twin City and Cedarhome Elementary in 2014-15 only, and 8thgraders at Port Susan and Stanwood Middle Schools in 2014-15 only. Siblings are not grandfathered. Transportation will not be provided when grandfathering option is selected.
  • School attendance area waivers will be handled in accordance with school board policy and the law.
  • Transportation routes will be developed based on school board policy and state guidelines.
  • Transition activities will be planned once a final recommendation is approved by the school board.
  • School staffing and general expense allocations will be determined by the allocation formulas, which are based on projected student enrollment, that have been in use for several years. Impacts on the transportation budget are expected to be minimal and will be determined this summer when bus routes are revised.

Mr. Gary Platt, Executive Director of Business Services, presented the projected class sizes for each school and said there are many factors that could affect the projected numbers. The next steps are to finalize staffing and general expense allocations, the principals will make transition activities for students and parents, and transportation staff will begin route planning.

Mr. Myers commented that the new plan causes the least amount of disruption to families. He appreciated the involvement in the community, the committee, and the final plan that included grandfathering for only one year.


Gary Platt, Executive Director of Business Services, gave the monthly enrollment report for May. There were 4,194.34 Full Time Equivalent (FTE) students. The average enrollment for 2013-14 was 4,206.68 FTE, which was .68 Full Time Equivalent above the projected budget. He noted that kindergarten enrollment was 15 students higher than last year.


Dr. Shumate reported that the State Board of Education recognized four of our schools with the 2013 Washington Achievement Award. Stanwood High School and Stanwood Elementary were in the top 10% of schools making the most progress in the performance of the all students group over three years were recognized with “High Progress.” Saratoga School and Cedarhome Elementary qualified for the recognition by being in the top 5% based on median growth percentiles (MGPs) in reading or math and each was recognized in “Reading Growth.”


Ken Christoferson removed item 8, Approval of Attendance Boundary Changes and Implementation Conditions from the Consent Agenda for discussion.

Julie Dean made a motion to approve consent agenda items 1-7 and 9, listed below. Al Schreiber seconded the motion; it was voted on and approved unanimously. 

  1. Donations.
  2. Stanwood High School Field Trips: (a) FFA Natural Resource Team to Hatchery and Historic Tour May 9-10, 2014 Leavenworth, Washington, (b) FFA Team to State FFA Convention May 14-18, 2014, Warm Beach Camp, Stanwood, Washington, (c) Technology Student Association Team to National Conference, June 26-July 2, 2014, Orlando, Florida.
  3. Utsalady Elementary Outdoor Education Field Trip, May 22-23, 2014, Warm Beach Camp, Stanwood, Washington.
  4. First Reading of New Student Policies: (a) Policy 3245, Isolation and Restraint of Students with IEP’s and Section 504 Plans, and (b) Policy 3246, Use of Reasonable Force.
  5. Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Stanwood-Camano Education Association (SCEA) for Leave of Absence One-Year Extension for 2014-15.
  6. Diesel Fuel Bid, Contract Award to IPC (USA) Incorporated.
  7. Northwest Educational Service District 189 Unemployment Compensation Pool Cooperative Agreement.
  8. Personnel Consent Agenda.


Ken removed the Attendance Boundary Changes and Implementation Conditions to allow public comments.

Kassandra Burnham, who lives in downtown Stanwood, stated that she had attended the community meetings regarding the proposed attendance boundaries. She has observed the home development growth in the Cedarhome area and wanted to know how the district planned for future enrollment.

Dr. Shumate thanked Ms. Burnham for bring up the topic of additional growth in the City. She said that district staff discussed current and future developments within the City of Stanwood with City personnel. District staff projected how much space was available at our schools and determined the new boundary areas would accommodate future growth projections.


Roger Myers made a motion to approve consent agenda item 8, Attendance Boundary Changes and Implementation Conditions. Julie Dean seconded the motion; it was voted on and approved unanimously. 


Roger Meyers stated that he thought the Board should review the policy regarding attendance boundaries in the fall to consider language that would pertain to enrollment decline.

Al Schreiber thanked the community for attending the boundary meetings and providing input. Mr. Schreiber appreciated how the changes impacted the fewest amount of students.

Julie Dean shared that her grandson asked her if she knew that President Obama was going to grade his test!

Ken Christoferson commented that the boundary changes are difficult for families. He has confidence that the plan is good and he thanked everyone involved in the process.


Ken Christoferson adjourned the regular meeting at 7:33 PM.


Gary Platt presented information on the development of the FY 2014-15 Budget at the Study Session that began at 6:20 PM. He included enrollment reports, birth rate and kindergarten projections, enrollment projections by grade levels and by schools. The report also included fund balance and general fund deficit projections.

Kevin Plambeck, Director of Career and Technical Education, gave an update on the projected technology upgrades and planned improvements.

The Study Session was adjourned at 7:01PM. 






Vice President









Jean Shumate, Ed.D.

Secretary to the Board