June 16, 2015, Regular Board Meeting Minutes


Ken Christoferson called the meeting to order at 12:12 PM.  The meeting began late due to road construction delays.

Board members in attendance were: Julie Dean, Roger Myers, and Ken Christoferson. Darlene Hartley and Al Schreiber was absent and excused.

Director Christoferson led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Julie Dean made a motion to approve the Agenda for the June 16, 2015, Regular Board Meeting. Roger Myers seconded the motion; it was voted on and approved unanimously.

Roger Myers made a motion to approve the Minutes of the June 2, 2015, Regular Board Meeting. Julie Dean seconded the motion; it was voted on and approved unanimously.

Tina Holty, Navy School Liaison Officer from the Marysville Naval Complex, introduced herself and explained the purpose of her job is to be the primary point of contact between the military installations, local schools and school districts; transitioning families and the community.  She provides resources that support the military families and needs of the students.

Dr. Jean Shumate introduced the following reports:

Julie Dean presented the donations, as follows:  Elger Bay Elementary PTA donated $100 to Elger Bay Elementary to purchase software applications/programs and equipment for iPad minis and $400 was donated to purchase 2 walkie-talkies to support security and supervision.

Lloy Schaaf, Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning, described the District Improvement Plan's focus on mathematics and reading instruction, with content and equity for all students. Instruction will be supported by coaches in Title I schools, Teachers on Special Assignment (TOSA) for technology will support implementation of online assessments, teaching strategies, and professional development.  Dr. Schaaf noted that the first year of the web-based Smarter Balanced Assessment was conducted with the strong support of the staff from the technology department.  Although the technology was successful, the impact of students choosing not to take the test or opting-out caused the district failure to meet the 95% participation rate. The district will be required to offer supplemental educational services, impacting the federal funs by $80,000.  Dr. Schaaf also stated that the highly capable K-12 program was successful, summer school will be available for Title 1 students and Twin City Elementary will host the free summer meals for kids.

Dr. Shumate addressed effective communication systems, which provides a collaborative culture between students, staff, parents and the community.  She emphasized the Key Communicator meetings, and committees for parent advisory, facility, technology, and attendance area boundary changes.  The use of district and school websites, volunteers, community speakers, and the district newsletter contributed to engaging parents, staff and community members with the district goals and programs.  The district's 2015-16 Organizational Chart was discussed and Dr. Shumate noted that cabinet members would each assume additional responsibilities, which will ensure support is in place so teaching staff can focus on the instructional core.

Lisa Orton, Director of Transportation, praised her mechanics and drivers for passing the Washington State Patrol 2015 inspection with a 100% safety and maintenance rating.  Two special-need busses were received, the transportation operations and student ridership count reports were completed, and security procedures were enacted and research continues to acquire Global Positioning Systems (GPS) for all buses.

Tom Webb, Maintenance Manager, said that some of the summer capitol projects began: high school track replacement, roofing, painting, library carpet, bleachers, gym floor repaired/resurfaced and some updates for the restrooms.  Surplus equipment will be taken to a facility in Olympia by maintenance staff this summer and Mr. Webb continues to monitor energy rates for efficiency when vapor light bulbs are replaced with Light-emitting Diode (LED) lamps.

Don Vennetti, Director of Food Services, reported on budgeting for the 2015-16 school year considering a 2% decrease in enrollment.  Some of the state and federal regulations on menu items remained the same, as the food service department had already adjusted menus in-advance of mandated timelines for compliance.  Mr. Vennetti stated that summer meals would be served at Twin City Elementary only, due to the summer construction projects at the high school.  Breakfast and lunch meals will be served to kids, 18 years and younger, June 22 – August 20, Monday through Thursday 8:30 – 9:30 AM and 11:30 AM-1:15 PM.

Kevin Plambeck, Director of Career and Technical Education, announced that the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) was implemented and used for Smarter Balanced Assessment testing and the Measures of Academic testing was successful.  Initial plans for teacher workstation requirements, mobile computing within buildings and professional development were created, the 2015-16 technology projects include network and extend Wi-Fi installations, teacher laptops, professional development, additional VDI workstations and labs for student use.  Technology Teachers on Special Assignment (TOSA) will coordinate with the teaching and learning department to develop professional development opportunities.

Gary Platt, Executive Director of Business Services, said there were 15 capitol projects underway and grants received may assist in other projects throughout the district.  The high school planning committee plans to meet five more times and expects to have a conceptual plan by November 2015.  The Facility Advisory Committee is informed of the progress.

Mr. Platt said that the state budget process has been slow.  Impacts of declining economic resources and legislative action will be evaluated as the information becomes available.  The district is able to fund monthly expenditures if the state apportionment is not received in a timely manner.  Also, employee Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA) and full-day kindergarten impacts are not known. Budget enrollment projections for 2015-16 is 4,020 FTE, which is a 2% decrease from last year.

Lloy Schaaf addressed how the district was upgrading systems to improve school safety.  School safety plans are updated, the School Resource Officer is meeting with the principals in every school, Rapid Responder training was reviewed, and reunification sites are secured in case of disasters.  Two grants were received to implement the RAVE 911 system and to address top priority security concerns.

Gary Platt, Executive Director of Business Services, reported on the financial reports for May 2015.  He discussed the Executive Summary noting the enrollment decline.  Summer laborers will include employees that previously had reduced hours and will be assigned at Stanwood High School and Lincoln Hill High School for the majority of time.

The food service report showed an increase in participation, which helped with the bottom-line by approximately $100,000. Revenues were within $4,000 of the budget projection.

Julie Dean made a motion to approve Consent Agenda items 1-12, listed below. Roger Myers seconded the motion; it was voted on and approved unanimously.

1.  Stanwood High School Field Trips:  (a) Volleyball Team to Western Washington University Volleyball Camp, July 8-11, 2015, Bellingham, Washington; (b) Leadership Team to Mt. Olympus Leadership Camp, July 12-17, 2015, Randle, Washington; and (c) Drum Line Team to Central Washington University Drum Line Camp, July 16-17, 2015, Ellensburg, Washington.

2.  Stanwood Middle School Leadership Team Field Trip to Cispus Leadership Camp, August 13-16, 2015, Randle, Washington.

3.  Utsalady Elementary Warm Beach Camp Contract for May 26-27, 2016.

4.  First Reading of Revised Board of Directors Policy 1400, Meeting Conduct, Order of Business, and Quorum.

5.  Elective Credit (.5) for Student Advisors to the Board of Directors.

6.  Stanwood High School Restroom Remodel Agreements:  (a) Washington State Department of Enterprise Services (DES) Interagency Agreement – Amendment No. 5: and (b) Washington State Department of Enterprise Services (DES) Funding Approval Forms.

7.  Stanwood High School Exterior Painting Bid Award and Contract to H.S. Wold Co. Inc. in the Amount of $271,434.87 Plus Tax.

8.  Authorized the Administration to Proceed with the Planning, Bidding, and Completion of Exterior Painting and Weather proofing of Stanwood Elementary School.

9.  Contracts for District Office and Individual Building Administrators, Superintendent, and Salary Schedules for Non-represented District Office Workers, Building and District Level Administrators.

10. 2015-18 Agreement with Building Administrators.

11. Personnel Consent Agenda.

12. Bills and Payroll.

May 2015   Payroll   #40813-40890   $1,103,046.05
    Payroll ACH (Automated Clearing House)       $1,628,503.14
    Electronic Federal Tax       $598,864.98
May 29, 2015   General   #40891-41006   $238,177.15
    Capital Projects   #41007-41012   $38,832.72
    Associated Student Body   #41013-41035   $7,581.90
June 15, 2015   General   #41036-41179   $234,225.64
    Capital Projects   #41180-41186   $26,902.71
    Associated Student Body   #41187-41217   $28,239.43


Roger Myers commented on the number of students who opted out of the Smarter Balance Assessment and said that the families may not have known that it resulted in designating $80,000 of Title I funds for outside remediation services.

Julie Dean was excited that the district would provide reading assistance at summer school.

Ken Christoferson apologized for being late for the meeting due to road construction.

Jean Shumate reminded the Board members that the next regular board meeting, July 7th, would start at 5:00 PM.


Director Christoferson adjourned the regular meeting at 1:00PM.






Vice President









Jean Shumate, Ed.D.

Secretary to the Board