April 21, 2009, Regular Board Meeting

Roger Myers called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.  Board members in attendance were:  Darlene Hartley, Ken Christoferson, Julie Dean, Pat Patterson, and Roger Myers.  Student Advisor Alex Keller was present and Anne Marie Olson was absent.  Scott Rutherford led the Pledge of Allegiance.
Darlene Hartley made a motion to approve the Agenda.  Pat Patterson seconded the motion; it was voted on and approved unanimously.

Ken Christoferson made a motion to approve the Minutes of the March 17, 2009, Regular Board Meeting.  Darlene Hartley seconded the motion; it was voted on and approved unanimously. 
The 10th anniversary of the massacre at Columbine High School, Colorado, brought back memories for Director, Ken Christoferson, who shared his experience as the board president.  He said it could happen anywhere in the United States and we do not live in a perfect world, but everyone could work together to provide a safe environment and a purposeful school system. He sensed the feeling of everyone at the board meeting, that day, were passionate about the education of young people. 

Cherie Haugen, 1261 Arrowhead, Camano Island, read a letter of appreciation to the district for providing a zero-period calculus class at the high school that was signed by some parents and students in the calculus class.

Roger Myers opened the public hearing at 7:06 PM to discuss the Initiative 728 (I-728) Proposal for 2009-2010.  

Superintendent Jean Shumate explained the purpose to hold a public hearing.  Mike Olson, Assistant Superintendent for Secondary Education, said that funding of I-728 for the 2009-2010 school year was not known, at this time, due to the incomplete State budget.  He said that if adequate funds become available the district would first fill the contractual obligation with the teachers’ association to provide a Time Responsibility Incentive (TRI) day for the purpose of collaboration and any additional funds would be used for reducing class size.  Mr. Olson said that when the I-728 funds were determined, the Board would receive an update.

President Myers invited members of the audience to comment.  Michelle Freedman 8209 276th Pl. NW, Stanwood, asked which TRI day would be used.  Mr. Olson said the TRI day would be non-directed.  Nyda Smith, 8331 Park Drive, Stanwood, asked how many TRI days I-728 currently funds.  Mr. Olson said that I-728 currently funds one TRI day.  

There were no further comments from the audience and President Myers declared the public hearing closed at 7:12 PM.

Dr. Jean Shumate announced the following reports:
Alex Keller read the donations from:  Eva Bryce, Haggen, Intermec Foundation, Cathy Wooten, Irene Obrastoff, and Target.  He also read recognitions for the 2009 Washington Scholars, No Name Calling poster winner, and the Stanwood Elementary Playground Peace Makers.

Shining Star Award - Cathy Britt, Public Information Coordinator, presented the Board of Directors Shining Star Award winners:  Ashley Koster from Utsalady Elementary and Rosalba Perez from Port Susan Middle School. 

Teacher of the Month - Cathy Britt announced Debra Simoneschi, Utsalady Elementary resource teacher, as April’s Teacher of the Month.

President Myers recessed the meeting at 7:30 p.m. for approximately seven minutes to allow the families to depart.  The meeting was reconvened at 7:37 PM.
Dr. Jean Shumate, Superintendent, addressed the Board and the audience with the proposed 2009/10 Reduced Educational Program.  She said it was necessary to reduce the educational program due to the the State’s budget shortfall of over $9 million, which reduced education funding, and the decline in student enrollment.  She outlined the budget reductions in three areas: district level/administrative, building level, and Initiative 728 (I-728).  Dr. Shumate said the reduction process was very difficult because of the seriousness the reductions have on staff, students, individuals, families, and our community.

Gary Platt, Executive Director of Business and Operations, reviewed the estimated 2009-10 budget impacts and the plan for the educational program reductions, based on the best information currently available and using an average of the proposed House and Senate budgets.   He explained that the estimated revenue increases/reductions and cost increases totaled a reduction of $3,620,392, which is 7.25 % of the general fund budget.  He said that two items could help offset some of the program reductions:  uses of the Federal Stimulus funds, and possible waiver of the levy lid limits.  Mr. Platt further explained the assumptions used to develop the reduced educational program proposal.

Dr. Shumate announced the possible budget reductions of staff and non-staff, line by line, by the following categories:  District Level and Administrative – $1,594,478 or 44% of the reductions; Building Level – $865,394 or 23.9% of thereductions; and Student Achievement Fund (I-728) – $1,160,520 or 32.1% of the reductions.  The total program reductions for FY 2009-2010 would be $3,620,392.  Dr. Shumate said the District was estimated to receive $205,334 from the Federal Stimulus Funds to offset budget reductions or fund new programs.  Dr. Shumate would present the revised reduced educational program at the May 5, 2009, Regular Board Meeting, 7:00 PM, assuming the State budget was finalized.

Board members questions were addressed by Dr. Shumate and Mr. Platt as follows:  1) it costs $274,00 per day for the district to operate, which is 18.3 days of operation; 2) the mathematic assessments and science kits would continue to be funded under the Student Achievement category; 3) maintenance and operations would continue to be fully funded; 4) service delivery from the district office would change considerably; 5) special education's “safety net” funding is unknown; and 6) student achievement is the district's top priority.

Board members also commended Dr. Shumate and the administrative staff for the difficult work required to meet all obligations.  It was said that the 2009-2010 Reduced Educational Program was transparent and open for everyone to understand.
Gary Platt, Executive Director of Business and Operations, reviewed the March Financial Report.  He discussed the executive summary, managers’ report, and special education overrun.  He defined the restricted uses for the capital projects fund, associated student body fund, and transportation vehicle fund.

Mr. Platt gave the enrollment update for April 2009.  He said student enrollment was 4,999.93 Full Time Equivalent (FTE) and enrollment continues to decline.

Julie Dean made a motion to approve the Consent Agenda, listed below.  Ken Christoferson seconded the motion.  

President Myers invited members of the audience to the podium to comment.  Members of the audience, Carlene Sams, Marianne McGarry-Bloom, Rita Brennan, Nyda Smith, Stacey Schuh, Robert Kelly, Charles Green, Christine Smith, John Parker, and Scott Rutherford, asked questions and shared concerns regarding Consent Agenda item 2, Resolution 2008/09-008 Reduced Education Program for 2009/10.  Support for the dedicated staff was also heard.  Dr. Shumate said a response to the questions would be available on the distict’s website (www.stanwood.wednet.edu) and copies would be sent to the individuals who addressed the Board and union representatives.

Mr. Myers asked board members to vote on the consent agenda.  The consent agenda was voted on and approved unanimously.

1.  Donations

2.  Resolution 2008/09-008 Reduced Education Program for 2009/10

3.  Stanwood High School Field Trips:  (a) Technology Student Association National Conference June 27-July 3, 2009, Denver,m Colorado; (b) Cheerleader Camp June 24-27, 2009, Tacoma, Washington; Student Leadership Camp July 12-17, 2009, Randall, Washington; (d) History Club April 23-25, 2009, Asotin, Washington

4.  Running Start Program Agreement with Bellingham Technical College for 2008-09

5.  Northwest Educational Service District 189 Legal Services Cooperative for 2009-2010

6.  Northwest Education Service District 189 Interlocal Agreements for 2009-2010 Special Services (a) Deaf/Hard of Hearing Cooperative; (b) Skagit Discovery Cooperative; (c) Northwest Regional Learning Center

7.  Facility Advisory Committee Recommendations of February 17, 2009

8.  Initiative-728 Proposal for 2009-2010

9.  Personnel Consent Agenda  

10.  Approval of Bills and Payroll

 March 2009    Payroll    #88522-88659    $2,809,324.97
     Electronic Federal Tax        $580,572.23
March 31, 2009   General   #69665-69823   $437,457.78
    Associated Student Body   #10881-10931   $34,805.75
April 7, 2009   General    #69824-69824    $14,560.00
April 15, 2009   General   #69825-69955    $348,966.39
    Associated Student Body   #10932-10951    $6,995.14
    Capital Projects   #4360-4360    $211.86

Board members expressed their appreciation to the audience for their attendance, thoughts, concerns, and commitment for the education of children. 

Pat Patterson invited everyone to ENGAGE 2009 on May 2, 2009, which promotes communication between generations.

Darlene Hartley shared her delight in the Shining Star Award recipients.

Roger Myers thanked the administration for their time and effort and presentation of the 2009-2010 Reduced Educational Program proposal and to the facility committee for their work.  He also noted that having two recipients from Stanwood High School as 2009 Washington Scholars was outstanding.

Mr. Myers announced that the May 5, 2009, Regular Board Meeting would be held at 7:00 PM.

Roger Myers adjourned the Regular Meeting at 9:15 PM.

A study session preceded the regular meeting at 6:30 PM to discuss the Facilities Committee Update.  Gary Platt explained the purpose of the Facility Advisory Committee and introduced the members.  The committee recommended to develop a proposal for 2009-10 that addresses the most serious health and safety needs.



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