June 7, 2016, Regular Board Meeting Minutes


Ken Christoferson called the meeting to order at 5:00 PM in the Administration & Resource Center Boardroom.

Board members in attendance were: Julie Dean, Natalie Hagglund, Roger Myers, Al Schreiber, and Ken Christoferson.

Victor Hanzeli, Elger Bay Elementary Principal, led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Julie Dean made a motion to approve the Agenda for the June 7, 2016, Regular Board Meeting. Natalie Hagglund seconded the motion; it was voted on and approved unanimously.

Al Schreiber made a motion to approve the Minutes of the May 17, 2016, Regular Board Meeting. Roger Myers seconded the motion; it was voted on and approved unanimously.

There were no comments.

Dr. Jerry Jenkins, Northwest Educational Service District 189, presented the Washington Achievement Award banner to Twin City Elementary staff.

Al Schreiber made a motion to elect Roger Myers as the Board's Legislative Representative. There were no other nominations; it was voted on and Roger Myers was approved, unanimously, as the Legislative Representative.

Dr. Jean Shumate introduced the following reports:

1. Target's Take Charge of Education program donated to the following schools:
a. Stanwood High School, $100
b. Port Susan Middle School, $147.64
c. Stanwood Middle School, $72.14
d. Cedarhome Elementary, $105.05
e. Elger Bay Elementary, $200.96
f. Stanwood Elementary, $323.76
g. Twin City Elementary, $102.36
h. Utsalady Elementary, $151.71
2. Camano Plaza IGA Tapes for Education program donated 181,422 points to Elger Bay Elementary, which purchased 19 boxes of copy paper, pocket portfolio and highlighters.
3. Utsalady Booster Club donated $121 to Utsalady Elementary for the kindergarten class field trip entry fees to the Children's Museum in Everett and $272.06 for transportation costs for the 1st grade class field trip to the Everett Performing Arts Center and to transport high school students to Utsalady Elementary to judge science fair projects.
4. Pat Bretland donated student backpacks, value $100, to the Stanwood-Camano School District McKinney Vento Program.
5. Hope Unlimited/dba Stanwood Camano Incident Support, donated $1,345, to Stanwood High School Associated Student Body Officers to purchase an electronic application (app) for suicide prevention.
6. Elger Bay Elementary provided transportation costs, $927.41, to Elger Bay Elementary for field trips: kindergarten classes went to Children's Museum, 2nd grade classes went to Village Theatre, and 3rd grade classes went to Whatcom Museum.
7. Stanwood Middle School PTO donated $3,000 to Stanwood Middle School to remove an existing drinking fountain and replace it with an Oasis drinking and water bottle filling fountain.

Dr. Lloy Schaaf, Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning, thanked the Board Members for making the decision to support full day kindergarten in all schools and recognized the principals and teachers for doing a great job implementing the program. Dr. Schaaf presented what a typical day in kindergarten looked like through pictures and shared the benefits of full day kindergarten.

Kindergarten teachers expressed their appreciation for having a full day kindergarten program and shared examples and the advantages of the students' progress in academic and social skills. Principals stated that having staff and students full time positively impacted their schools. They have seen the growth in students' independence and abilities to communicate. The principals look forward to next year and are planning accordingly with first grade teachers to adapt curriculum materials.

Gary Platt, Executive Director of Business Services, reported on the enrollment for the month of June. The actual enrollment was 4,168 Full Time Equivalent (FTE). There was a decrease of 19 FTE for the month. This was an average of 125 FTE above what was projected on the budget.

Gary Platt began by showing the twenty (20) ways to avoid financial problems, highlighting three items: be careful projecting enrollment before adding staff, do not over estimate the ending fund balance, and budget state and federal programs properly. Mr. Platt stated that the state's electronic budget document was not available, at this time. Other items discussed: enrollment projection is 4,249 FTE for 2016-17, which continues to decline, the state's class size compliance language for K-3 grades will be used in the apportionment, grants, and fund balance. On July 5th the budget will be available to the public.

Capital Projects
Mr. Platt said that the energy grant awarded to the district and would cover restroom improvement projects at Stanwood Elementary and Twin City Elementary the construction of energy and water conservation measures would also apply to Cedarhome Elementary and Port Susan Middle School and are proposing to add the restroom refurbishment work to the McKinstry scope of work. The following projects are planned for the summer months: Twin City Elementary: carpet replacement, lighting/heating ventilation, gym floors refurbished, and storage system for tables, Saratoga: classroom space in Stanwood Middle School, Port Susan Middle School: kitchen modernization, carpet replacement, and Stanwood Elementary lighting. (This is not a complete list.)

Roger Myers made a motion to approve Consent Agenda items 1-15, listed below. Al Schreiber seconded the motion; it was voted on and approved unanimously.
1. Donations.
2. Contract with YMCA Camp Seymour for Stanwood Elementary Outdoor Education Experience, October 5-7, 2016.
3. Stanwood Elementary Outdoor Education Environmental 5th Grade Field Trip to Camp Seymour October 5-7, 2016, Gig Harbor, Washington.
4. Stanwood High School Field Trips:
a. Cheer Team Camp, June 25-28, 2016, Centralia, Washington,
b. Football Team Camp, June 23-26, 2016, Ellensburg, Washington,
c. FFA National Convention, October 15-22, 2016, Indianapolis, Indiana.
5. First Reading of Revised Student Policy 3131 District Attendance Area Transfers.
6. Second Reading/Adoption of Revised Polices:
a. 1400 Meeting Conduct, Order of Business, and Quorum
b. 1430 Audience Participation
c. 1440 Minutes
d. 1610 Conflicts of Interest
e. 3141 Nonresident Students
7. Second Reading/Adoption of Revised Instruction Policies:
a. 2021 Library Media Centers
b. 2022 Technology and Electronic Resources and Internet Safety
c. 2026 Equivalency Credit for Career and Technical Education Courses
d. 2170 Career and Technical Education
8. Novel, Everything's an Argument, by Andrea Lunsford and John Ruczkiewicz, for Grade 11 and 12 Advanced Placement Language and Composition Courses.
9. Inter-local Agreement Between Sedro-Woolley School District, Burlington-Edison School District and Mount Vernon School District for 2016-17 Title 1 Services.
10. Revised Middle Schools' Athletic Code for the 2016-17 School Year.
11. Contract with Northwest Educational Service District #189 (NWESD 189) for Data Processing Services through the Northwest Regional Data Center (NWRDC) and Washington School Information Processing Cooperative (WSIPC) for FY 2016-17.
12. Resolution 2015/16-002 Authorization to Invest Funds.
13. Personnel Consent Agenda.
14. Authorize Administration to Execute Documents with Washington State Department of Enterprise Services and McKinstry Company and Funding Approval for the Construction of Energy and Water Conservation Measures at Stanwood Elementary and Twin City Elementary.
15. Memorandum of Understanding with Stanwood-Camano Education Association for continued Implementation of Full Day Kindergarten for 2016-17.

Roger Myers reminded everyone to be aware of the upcoming elections, including the Washington State Supreme Court Justices. He looked forward to the graduation ceremonies, thanked the many staff members making a difference, and congratulated Twin City Elementary on their award.

Al Schreiber also looked forward to graduations, thanked the staff leadership for full day kindergarten success, and appreciated the donations from the community.

Natalie Hagglund was pleased and proud with the number of scholarships that were awarded to the Class of 2016.

Julie Dean thanked Roger for being the Legislative Representative and she enjoyed attending the Highly Capable program's Expert Night presentations and the ASSIST graduation.

Ken Christoferson also looked forward to graduations and was pleased with the success of the full day kindergarten program and the Twin City Elementary Washington Achievement Award.

Dr. Shumate reminded board members to meet at 6:00 PM at the high school for graduation.

Ken Christoferson adjourned the Board Members to executive session at 6:34 PM to review the performance of a board member for approximately 60 minutes. No action taken.

Director Christoferson adjourned the regular meeting at 8:00 PM.



Vice President





Jean Shumate, Ed.D.
Secretary to the Board

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