Several members of the Stanwood High School (SHS) History Day Team earned a place at the national competition being held at the University of Maryland in June. Nineteen Stanwood students competed at the Washington State History Day Contest on April 25, 2009 with a total of 10 projects in a variety of categories including, Historical Paper, Website, Exhibit and Performances.

The following two teams of students will attend the national competition: Teague Nelson and Wade Schultz with their 2nd place historical documentary "Henry "Scoop" Jackson: Balancing Conservation and Economic Growth through the National Environmental Policy Act” and Nick Jensen and Marlee Raible with their 2nd place website "Wilberforce's Crusade: The Voice that Brought Abolition to the World."

In addition, the following students earned recognition at the state competition: Jimmy Besancon, Derek Britain, and Jason Ervin placed 6th with their performance "A Nobel Legacy: The Merchant of Death Peddles Peace." Megan Heigler won 3rd place, and a position as national alternate with her historical paper "Satayagraha: The Actions of Mohandas Gandhi that Left a Legacy of Peaceful Change."

Other state contest participants included: Elizabeth Richards, Jessica Maley, Rebecca McDonnell, Madalyn Schei, Emily Najar, Jordan McCrite, Michael Randall, Evan Jones, Trevor Bell, Kalie Presteen and Jessica Butler.