science_team_group.jpgThe Stanwood High School Science Team earned a 2nd place finish at the State Science Olympiad Tournament held April 18th at Clark College in Vancouver, WA.

The fifteen-member team competed in 23 science and engineering events against 19 high school teams from around the state. It was a very competitive tournament and our team did a fantastic job.

Top finishers from Stanwood High School at the state tournament are:

1st place:
Elevated Bridge: Derek Britain and April Thayer
Herpetology: Josh Hamre and John A. Parker
Picture This: John A. Parker, Jason Ervin, and Sam Carter
Flying Bird: Steven Evans and Brandon Hansen

2nd place:
Ecology: Rebecca Raible and Max Osnes
Forensics: Briana Palmer and John A. Parker
Quantum Quandary: Elizabeth Richards and Heather Biehl

3rd place:
Electric Vehicle: Jimmy Besancon and Derek Britain
Fossils: Christy Swartz and Jimmy Besancon

4th place:
Environmental Chemistry: Ryan Miller and Christy Swartz
Experimental Design: Max Osnes, John A. Parker, and David Zietz
Health Science: Briana Palmer and Max Osnes
Technical Problem Solving: Kyle Blackburn and John A. Parker
Write-It Do-It: Rebecca Raible and Derek Britain

5th place:
Dynamic Planet: David Zietz and Kyle Blackburn
Remote Sensing: Derek Britain and Rebecca Raible
Trajectory: April Thayer and David Zietz