The Stanwood High School History Team took top honors at the regional contest, March 13-14, 2009, and proudly represented the Stanwood-Camano School District in all five categories: exhibits, documentaries, performances, websites, and historical paper.  Twenty students will perfect their presentations and compete at the state contest at Green River Community College, April 25, 2009.  The public is invited to view the student presentations at the Stanwood Historical Society, 7:00 p.m. on April 23, 2009.  Sabrina Shaw, History Team Advisor, shared the following results of the regional contest.

Senior Group Exhibits
- 1st Place, Rosie the Riveter: Transforming the View of Women in Society: Elizabeth Richards, Jessica Maley, Rebecca McDonell;  2nd Place, Eleanor Roosevelt:  Transforming the Role of First Lady and the World: Madalyn Schei, Emily Najar

Senior Group Documentaries - 1st Place, Henry "Scoop" Jackson: Balancing Conservation and Economic Growth through the National Environmental Policy Act: Wade Schultz, Teague Nelson; 2nd Place, William Boeing Pioneers an Aviation Industry:  Jordan McCrite, Micheal Randall

Senior Group Performances - 2nd Place, A Noble Legacy: The Merchant of Death Peddles Peace: Jimmy Besancon, Derek Britain, Jason Ervin; 3rd Place, Through the Lense: Jacob Riis Captures the Progressive Mind: Jessica Butler, Kalie Presteen

Senior Websites - 1st Place, Wilberforce's Crusade: The Voice that Brought Abolition to the World: Nic Jensen, Marlee Raible; 2nd Place, Sigmund Freud: The Psychoanalyst of the Century: Trevor Bell

Senior Individual Documentary - 1st Place, "The Influence of Reason & Principle:"  Thomas Paine's Common Sense:  Evan Jones

Senior Individual Paper - 3rd Place, Satyagraha: The Actions of Mohandas Gandhi That Left a Legacy of Peaceful Change: Meghan Hiegler