shining star stephens,tce.jpgThe Stanwood-Camano School District Board of Directors recognized Twin City Elementary student, Sterling Stephens, and three brothers from Stanwood Middle School, Chance, Chase, and Christian Blair, as Shining Stars during the December 15th board meeting.  The Shining Star award acknowledges elementary through high school students for working hard and showing that they can overcome challenges.

Sterling Stephens is a fifth grade student at Twin City Elementary.  Principal Pam Gentz and teacher Megan Sylvester praised Sterling for overcoming some struggles to be a successful student.  They said he is known for being a great human being and a student that works hard and always has a smile.

shining chance blair dec.jpg
shining chase blair dec.jpg
shining christian blair dec.jpg The Blair brothers: Chance and Chase are 8th grade students, and Christian is a 7th grade student all at Stanwood Middle School.  Principal Barbara Marsh introduced their teachers.  Laure Rancich described Christian as having a great attitude, is a good listener, an active participant in class, is respectful, and is willing to do what ever is needed to succeed.  Tim Livingston, in an emotional statement, is a teacher to Chance and Chase and said that they have overcome extraordinary amounts of adversity in the past few years with perseverance and courage.  Each puts forth their best effort with a smile and great attitude. All of the Shining Stars received Certificates of Achievement and congratulations from the Board of Directors.  Sterling Savings Bank (Stanwood Branch) and Lenz Enterprises sponsor the Shining Star award program in partnership with Hollywood Video and Stanwood Cinemas.