cem nov breda 12-18-12.jpgtom van belle nov 12-18-12.jpgThe Board of Directors recognized Darla Breda (left) as the Classified Employee of the Month and Colleen Van Belle (right) as the Teacher of the Month at the December 18th board meeting. 

Darla is a paraeducator at Stanwood High School, assisting in special education classrooms for the past 15 years.  She began her career in 1994 at Stanwood Elementary and worked in the special programs' preschool and resource room for three years.  Darla was nominated by Rita Brennan who said, "Darla not only works with our students each day, but she works with several different special education teachers and school psychologists each day.  She helps with classroom organization, grading, student escorts, and all of the crazy details that seem to crop up on a daily basis.  Darla is a constant in an ever shifting landscape of problems that need to be solved."  To read the complete nomination, click here .

Colleen Van Belle was hired in 2002 as a 5th grade teacher at Stanwood Elementary and has taught at that level for 8 years. She also was the mathematics' coach for two years and has served as a 4th grade teacher in 2010-11.  Colleen was nominated by many of her colleagues: Julie Miller, Gigi McNeal, Jan Karlberg, Rugh Turner, Megan Ovenell, and Kathy Tredo and parents: Matt and Tina Morgan (daughter Morgan), Lola Riojas (son Luke), and Heather Andrus (son Jaron)Kathy Tredo said, "Ms. Van Belle is the epitome of all that the term, EDUCATOR encompasses
.  We are fortunate to work with Colleen, to learn from her, and to have her as a role model for excellence in the classroom."  To read all of the nominations, click here .

The employee award programs are sponsored by our local businesses:  Sterling Bank, Dos Reales and Stanwood Cinemas.

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