tomanderton, 2.jpgcem janetleslie2.jpg The Board of Directors recognized the Teacher and Classified Employees of the Month at the January 19th board meeting.  Cheryl Anderton (pictured at left) was selected as the Teacher of the Month.  She is the teacher for the District's Highly Capable Program, grades 3-6, located at Twin City Elementary.  Janet Peterson and Lesley Whaley (pictured at right) were selected as Classified Employees of the Month.  Janet is the office manager at Elger Bay Elementary and Leslie is the office secretary.

Mrs. Anderton was nominated by four of her students, Taya, Keely, Samantha, Cassie, and one of the student's parent, Kym Shoemaker.  They described Mrs. "A" as, possibly being the best teacher in the world, she gives challenging work that's fun,  and she cares about the well-being of all students.

Janet Peterson and Leslie Whaley were nominated by teacher Kathleen Nelles.  Kathleen said that Janet and Leslie are amazing secretaries (at Elger Bay Elementary) and the greet everyone with a smile and are so pationet with parents and students.

Congratulations to all of the award recipients!

The Teacher of the Month and Classified Employee of the Month recognition award is given monthly throughout the school year. The award recipients are selected from nominations that are reviewed by a committee of community members and one school district employee.  If you would like to nominate a teacher or classified employee, go to the district website  Under the main menu choose Families and Students, then choose Teacher of the Month or Classified Employee of the Month .   The awards are sponsored by Sterling Savings Bank and Lenz Enterprises, in partnership with Dos Reales and Stanwood Cinemas.