The Student Support Advocates (SSA) are available to help students and families in need of support throughout the summer.  They can be reached at 360-629-1480 (please leave a message).

Dear School Community:

On May 6, 2014 the Board of Directors approved new school attendance boundaries for elementary and middle schools.   A committee of parents and staff reviewed overcrowded conditions in one of our elementary schools and after community input, recommended some boundary changes for the 2014-15 school year.

  • The areas north of 300th and west of I-5 will attend Stanwood Elementary.  
  • The Sunday Lake area will attend Twin City Elementary and Port Susan Middle Schools. 
  • The revised 1-mile safe-walking area near the high school will attend Cedarhome Elementary and Stanwood Middle School. This area extends as far west as 78th Ave NW and as far south as 273rd St NW.  (No transportation is provided for all students who live within a 1-mile safe-walking distance of their neighborhood schools.), 
  • There are no boundary changes to the Camano Island schools.

  (KEY: click on any color for school boundary area.)


seahawk plane design superbowl.pngStanwood High School 2003 alumni, Katie Ryan, senior designer at Teague, designed the graphics for the Boeing 747-8 Seahawk plane that will fly over the Super Bowl.

Gail Merrick, Career & Technical Education graphic arts/AP studio art instructor, was proud to make the announcement to Superintendent Shumate.


As of last night, it looks like we are passing the facilities and technology levy with a 55.42% YES vote, with both counties combined.  The next count will be today (November 7) at 5:00 p.m.

Beginning this school year, fliers from outside community organizations will no longer be distributed to elementary students in their classrooms, but will appear on the District Internet site in the E-Flier Folder and in school offices.

  • Conserving classroom time - Each year, teachers and parent volunteers spend hours distributing pieces of paper from outside groups to our elementary students. This is one reason SCSD is joining many schools across the county and state to feature community fliers on their website.

  • Reducing paper waste - Last year, each elementary student took home nearly 115 fliers, meaning our community distributed nearly 276,000 pieces of paper to elementary students last year!

The state has eliminated a state graduation requirement for students to continue to take an annual math assessment while also earning two credits of math after the 10th grade.

Now, the students in the classes of 2009 through 2012 who do not pass the high school math test on their first attempt can meet the math graduation requirement by earning two math credits after 10th grade. Those students are no longer required to also take a math assessment every year. The change does not remove the requirement for students to take the math assessment in the 10th grade. Beginning with the class of 2013, all students still must pass a math assessment or satisfy a state-approved alternative to be eligible to graduate. 

Click here to download "Meeting the Math Graduation Requirement."

We closely monitor the weather and communicate with Snohomish and Island County Road Departments. Most often, decisions are made in the early morning rather than the night before so that the most current weather conditions and forecasts can factor into the decision. We recognize the impact on family schedules, and will communicate any decision as quickly as possible. In the early morning hours (typically beginning at 2:30 a.m.), district staff members drive main roads and side streets throughout the school district boundaries to assess driving and walking conditions. Information is compiled and reported to the Superintendent, who will make the decision – based on the best available information at that time – to close, delay and/or run buses on snow routes. We understand these decisions disrupt family schedules and appreciate your patience during these bad weather situations. While we know that our students and families are best served when we are open, our top concern is the safety of our students and staff.

The decision to close or delay schools relies on weather predictions and local conditions. The topography of our school district varies. Higher elevations sometimes accumulate snow or ice quickly and hold on to it longer than lower elevations. Decisions are made based on the condition of every bus route throughout Stanwood-Camano School District. A decision must be made several hours before schools would normally open, and conditions may change dramatically during that period of time.

For more information, please click on the "Emergency & Weather" link under the main menu.
Selecting snow route stops that are both safe for students and meet the school scheduling requirements is a difficult decision. The rural location of many of our district homes along with hazardous, narrow roads without a shoulder or sidewalk make it difficult to identify snow route stops that are safe for students to walk to and from.  For this reason, snow bus routes often require the student to be driven to the bus stop location. Parents should use their own discretion regarding the use of snow route stops, transporting students to school themselves, or having student(s) remain at home during inclement weather.

snow.pngA decision regarding the cancellation or delay of school will be made by about 5 AM on the school day. You can get information about the status of school by tuning into most major radio and television stations. Updated school closure information also will be posted on our district's Internet site, on the Public Schools Emergency Communications System website,, or can be found by calling the Emergency Information Line at (360) 629-1240. 

Also, click on the "Emergency & Weather" link on the left under our Main Menu to find questions and answers about school closures, delays and make-up days due to inclement weather along with the 2008-09 snow routes for buses.

This time of year brings fewer daylight hours and increased safety concerns for students who are walking to and from school or the bus stop in the dark.

Please help us keep our students safe as they travel to and from school by reminding your children of these and other safety rules.