Again, thank you for your commitment to the Stanwood-Camano School District!


The community has clearly indicated their support for a new Stanwood High School, Lincoln Hill High School/Linclon Academy/Saratoga alternative program facility and maintenance/technology building. The district has been told by numerous sources that "now the real work begins," and the district is happy to have the opportunity. Below please find an update about what is currently being done and a preliminary timeline.

The Educational Specification (Ed Spec) process began several months ago. SHS, LHHS/LA, and Saratoga staff met with the architects. A draft Ed Spec report for LHHS/LA & Saratoga has been completed. SHS Ed Specs are still in the works. The district will have a draft of the Ed Specs for the Maintenance/Technology facility in the next week.


Gary Platt will be transitioning from his Executive Director of Business Services role into the Executive Director of Capital Projects role as of July 1. He is already working with Piper Jaffray on the schedule for bond sales and has met with state officials to begin firming up the state matching fund commitment.


Other important tasks in the works:

  • Study & Survey 
  • Topographical survey & wetlands report, soils investigation (completed)
  • Selecting a project manager
  • Establishing Design Advisory Committees
  • Negotiating architect's design contract
  • Board approval of traffic study contract
  • Board approval of archeological consultant contract
  • Board approval of hazardous materials testing contract

Below is the tentative (very preliminary according to Architect) timeline:

  • March-June 2017  Schematic Design
  • July-December 2017  Design Development
  • January-June 2018   Permit Documents
  • June 2018   Land Use permit reviews
  • July-October 2018   Building Permit Reviews
  • July-October 2018   Bidding/Construction Documents
  • November-December 2018   Bidding
  • December 2018-July 2020  Building Construction
  • August 2020-March 2021   Demo Parking and Fields
Please visit the SCSD website and Facebook page for updates. We will post information as progress continues.