Recently, questions have been asked about the possible impact the McCleary Decision could have on financing new schools.  Specifically, the question is:  How does this decision impact the proposed Stanwood High School bond measure?
The McCleary Decision centers on the failure of the state to meet it's obligation to provide all students in Washington equal access to educational opportunities.  The focus of the court ruling is on the operational cost side of the school districts and over reliance on Maintenance and Operation Levy funding.  Maintenance and Operations Levies provide funding for the day-to-day costs of educating children.  Capital expenditures for new schools and related bond issues are not included in the court decision. Bond proposals are limited to financing the costs of  constructing, remodeling, and equipping school buildings.  

The McCleary decision neither refers to nor does it make recommendations for changing school construction funding.  

Gary Platt, CPA
Executive Director - Business Services