2017 Bond Projects

Stanwood High School hosted a "Bond Proposal Meeting" for the community on December 5th.  Chis Lilley, Managing Principal, McGranahan Architects, presented a slide show, describing the project overview and project size and scope.  To view the presentation, click on the icon below.

  SHS Comm Open House 2016.12.05


The Stanwood-Camano community is invited to an informational meeting at Stanwood High School to learn more about the February 14, 2017, bond proposal.  The project architect and district staff will present information.


Where:  Stanwood High School Library

              7400 272nd St. NW, Stanwood


When:   Monday, December 5, 2016


Time:    5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.



  • Review project details
  • Tax rates
  • Project timelines
  • Questions and Answers
  • Tours of current facilities
For more information contact:  Joy Rusko at 360-629-1222

What is the capacity of the proposed high school replacement?

We have reviewed the school capacity information provided by Chris Lilley, McGranahan Architect, and have also discussed this matter with him, personally.  Here's what we found out:

  1. The proposed school replaces all of the existing teaching stations, whether presently used or not.
  2. Based on our current SHS enrollment of 1200 students, the school would be at 58% capacity.
  3. Normal high school capacities max out at approximately 83%.
  4. At 83% efficiency, the proposed school would have room for approximately 1700 students.
  5. At full capacity of 1700, all teaching stations would be utilized and class sizes would be at the recommended maximum.  

The Stanwood-Camano School District will present bond information on the following dates:

August 30 8:00 am   Opening Day - All District Staff Stanwood High School PAC
September 8 1:00 pm   AAUW Brookdale Senior Living
  8 7:00 pm   City Council Administration & Resource Center
  12 6:00 pm   Twin City Elementary PTA Twin City Elementary
  15 9:30 am   District Office Staff Administration & Resource Center
  15 4:15 pm   Elger Bay Elementary PTA Elger Bay Elementary
  21 10:45 am   Transportation Staff Transportation Center
  21 4:00 pm   Stanwood Middle School PTO Stanwood Middle School
  23 7:30 am   Stanwood High School Booster Club Stanwood High School
  28 8:30 am   Utsalady Elementary Staff Utsalady Elementary
  28 9:20 am   Elger Bay Elementary Staff Elger Bay Elementary
  29 6:00 pm   Stanwood Elementary PTO Stanwood Elementary
October  4 9:20 am   MOPS Cedarhome Baptist Church
  5 7:10 am   Stanwood Middle School Staff Stanwood Middle School
  5 8:00 am   Port Susan Middle School Staff Port Susan Middle School
  5 12:00 pm   Rotary Administration & Resource Center
  7 9:30 pm   Alumni Homecoming Tea Stanwood High School
  8 10:00 am   Stanwood Democrats 27116 90th Ave., Stanwood
  10 7:00 pm   American Legion Post #92 26921 88th Ave. NW, Stanwood
  11 11:30 am   Key Communicators Administration & Resource Center
  12 7:10 am   Stanwood High School Staff Stanwood High School
  12 8:35 am   Stanwood Elementary Staff Stanwood Elementary
  13 6:45 am   Kiwanis Stanwood Senior Center
  13 11:30 am   Stanwood Chamber of Commerce Administration & Resource Center
  19 8:00 am   Windermere Realty Terry's Corner
  19 6:30 pm   Cedarhome Elementary PTO Cedarhome Elementary
  25 12:00 pm   Republican Women Lost Lake Community Club
  26 8:30 am   Cedarhome Elementary Staff Cedarhome Elementary
  26 9:15 am   Twin City Elementary Staff Twin City Elementary
  27 8:00 am   Saratoga Staff Saratoga School
  27 11:30 am   Camano Chamber Camano Senior Center
November 2 6:30 pm   Lions Club Sons of Norway Hall
  3 2:00 pm   Stanwood Community & Senior Center 7430 276th St NW, Stanwood
  10 9:00 am   Port Susan Middle School PTO Port Susan Middle School
  16 7:10 am   Lincoln Hill High/ Lincoln Academy Staff Lincoln Hill High School
December 6 7:30 am   Warm Beach Christian Men Warm Beach Campground
  7 4:00 pm   Utsalady Elementary Booster Club Utsalady Elementary
  14 2:45 pm   Food Services Staff Port Susan Middle School
January  11 7:00 pm   Camano Democrats Elger Bay Fire Station
  17 9:15 am   Camano REMAX Camano Island
  26 7:00 pm   Camano Friends of the Library Camano Island