High School administrators were informed today about nationwide stories regarding "clown threats."  USA Today, The New York Times, and NBC News all reported stories from various states who are experiencing clown hoaxes.  Stanwood youth have begun participating in the social media blitz.  The Stanwood-Camano School District is working with the Stanwood Police Department who is also aware of the social media postings.

Anytime we receive reports concerning safety of students or staff - even if they are only implied - we adhere to school and district protocol, which includes determining the source and validity of the message.  The Stanwood Police Department does not believe there is any specific information indicating risk to staff or students.  Similar postings have been reported at neighboring districts in Snohomish County and throughout the state.

Our priortiy is, as always, the physical and emotional safety of students and staff.  We also want to let parents know that the district is aware of the social media posts and that we will maintain communication with parents of any developments in the story.

Anytime you see anyone doing anything criminal or suspicious, whether they are dressed as a clown or not, you should call 911.  If students or parents have information that may be perceived as threatening, they are encouraged to call the Stanwood Police Department or talk to their school administrator.