Wow!  Congratulations and thanks to everyone for volunteering your time and for sharing information about the importance of our Replacement Maintenance and Operations Levy. 

Last night in Snohomish County the levy passing rate was 65.68% and in Island County it was 63.92%.  This is very exciting news because these results reflect the highest voter support for our district in at least the past 14 years. We anticipate, based on past elections, that the approval rate will continue to increase as the final ballots arrive at the county courthouses. 

Your hard work on this election has set the foundation for our upcoming high school bond.  We need to continue educating our community about our needs and the importance of their support for our school district.

Again, thank you so very much for all that you do for the children of our school district.


Jean Shumate, Superintendent


Ken Christoferson
Julie Dean
Natalie Hagglund
Al Schreiber
Roger Myers